Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

Counting days to Christmas for the most favorite time over the year. Are you ready for Holiday seasons? Have you prepared for Christmas? 

1. Christmas Tree Ornaments

Do you have an idea for your Christmas tree decoration? What makes a holiday decoration unusual? What do you think about geometric brass plate ornaments for Christmas tree decoration? Looks simple, minimalist, unique, and also elegant. Check out our Unique Christmas Ornaments.


Collect our special Clarice Christmas hanging geometric decoration in new modern way. This set includes 3 beautiful ornaments. Perfect match for your Christmas tree. To create the appearance of elegance, don't forget to pair these beautiful ornaments with sparkling crystals and string LED lamps. 


Try to decorate it with our hanging geometric Carol Christmas decorations. This set includes 5 sweet geometric ornaments. These geometric ornaments are also perfect for modern home decor.


2. Christmas Gift DIY

What do you think to create your own Christmas gift with gold glass box container? Decorate it with sand, Christmas tree miniature, Christmas topper and some Christmas figurines. It can be a surprise and unforgettable present for everyone in this Holiday season. Here are our Christmas DIY gift that you should try.


These Christmas gift can be used as a centerpiece or home decor or table decor or Christmas souvenir, also as a winter proposal. Check them out: Christmas Gift 01, Christmas Gift 02Christmas Gift 03.


3. Christmas Candle Holder

Need warm ambiance during winter? You need collect our Christmas candle holder. Our candle holder not only for as a candle holder but also can be used as a centerpiece, table decor, and wedding memorial.Here are our candle holder collection: Alexa Candle Holder - Dominique Candle Holder - Clark Lantern Candle Holder - Noelle Wire Candle Holder




4. Need more ideas for your Christmas? 

Need another type of glass box container? Desire to explore more? Please check our Christmas Collection.


5. Christmas Gift Wrap

Add gift wrap and personal message to complete your Christmas gift. 




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