Luxeova Launch: How I Started It to Become an Entrepreneur?

When you imagine that you want to become your own boss. It looks nice, isn't it? Let's make your dream come true by becoming an entrepreneur. Then, you start thinking: where to start, when to start and how to start? Don't worry, you can start today and you are not alone. Entrepreneurship is a journey.

Here are my tips for you to get you started to become an entrepreneur. Enjoy it!

1. Starting form a dream that will bring up big dreams

Do not underestimate the power of your dream and imagination as it may lead you to a colorful life worth to lived in. It only happen to those who believe on it and trust God able do it. You will find a way, only if you know that your dreams are made of.

2. Find out: what's your destiny

Have you ever thought what's your destiny, what are your goals, and what's God want you to do to fulfill His plans in your life? If you have not thought about it, set it now! I think this point is very important before you step forward because this is what really determine your success.

3. Know yourself & examining your personality

What's your hobby, your potentials, your passions, recognize your strengths and weaknesses, what's your priorities, and certainly you must accept yourself as the way you are.

4. Find out the right business for you

Think about this first: What can i give the customers? Are our products meet market needs? Are they will satisfy and appreciate? Then, decide what your personality is a good fit for entrepreneurship. Give yourself permission to explore. Knowing how you are likely to react will help you achieve your goals (ex: Are you able to accept uncertainty and even failure?) Do what you know and love as your passion. Think about how you could package and offer them as your own in the market. Learn about the businesses that interest you from others. Look for and take a chance. Dare to take a risk. Solve your problem with creative solutions. Determined to succeed and focus. Energy and determination will get you through many storms you will face as a beginning entrepreneur. Hard work and do not be afraid to fail and move forward.

5. Design Thinking

Most people skip or forget or don't even know about this step, but this is very important. They usually think about the marketing or their products only without consider a design thinking process. Before you plan your business and launch your product, it's good to ask yourself first: "Are you understand your user? Have you answered the market needs? Have you given the solution to solve their problems and needs?" Do it iterative because design thinking is a iterative process in which knowledge is constantly being questioned and acquired so it can help us redefine a problem in an attempt to identify alternative solutions that might not be instantly apparent.

6. Business plan

All you need now is set your goals, empathy with our target users, define your user's need or their problem, brainstorming innovative idea, think out of the box for give the creative solutions and products, branding products, & concept (include your logo design, template, packaging, photo products, etc), do a research & analytic your target market, and create a business plan for steps to be taken forward (include write your company description & section on organization, term of use, privacy policy, etc). It must be consistent and have a valid idea and correct data or info. In the other side, think about the right team or partner and comfortable-adequate working space or studio.

7. Understand your personal finances

Manage finances well and correctly, determine which priorities should take precedence. If you already have more income, gradually develop your business. Better to crawl from below and develop your capital money, as much as possible no debt. As a suggestion, you should not borrow money earlier, learn to manage your finance out of little money and as much as possible, separate your personal money and your business money so you know rotation and development of your business money.

8. Build a network

Attend trade and industry shows in your field. Attend exhibitions or join the exhibitions. Join relevant professional associations. Build a strong social network with other entrepreneurs. Ask and listen others what they do and think about how you can help them. Be generous and help them. You can learn from them and learn from others’ mistakes as well as their successes. By having a network and a community, if you think you're stuck, you can also share and discover ideas that you may not have thought of before. The principle is to compete healthily & not to drop others. What you sow and give to others, you will also reap and receive it. Look for investors or partnerships if your company is more developed is a good things. For beginner, you also can ask to join the collaboration with others. Keep get in touch with your customers, partners, communities, and press medias if you have been succeed.

9. Sell your products

You need to be able to effectively communicate your business, therefore you must have a strong brand presence. Things that can make your business look serious and professional, you can create a business card, a website, social media accounts, blogs, newsletter, advertise your products, etc that provide information about your business in an attractive. It will also give people the opportunity to look you and your products up and learn more about you. Try to give the best service as you can but must remain wise.

10. Plan for the future

Surely, you don't want your business stuck or stop at a certain point. Sometimes feels saturated or stagnant it is a natural thing. Things you should do as a suggestion, you should make new innovations and breakthrough. If it is more developed again, you should think about wholesale, next step about new products, hire a staff for help you as your team, prepare more support equipment, prepare the warehouse and does not rule out the possibility about the offline store (including choose a suitable strategic location) if you start from online store. 

11. Evaluation & review the user experience

Even though your business has started to progress, evaluation is still needed routinely. Also review from buyers. It will give you a feedback, what should I need to maintain, what should I do better, and what should I remove too improve a good user experience and company revenue.

Are you ready to become your own boss after read these tips?? Let's the journey begin. This is a new beginning to start a business. Enjoy the process.

Keep everything in prayer. Commit to the Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans.

Cheers and Love,

Founder Luxeova Atelier
(August 17th, 2017)

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