Luxeova Survival Story: How to Survive as an Entrepreneur in Hard Situation

The journey to become an entrepreneur doesn't always go smoothly. No one ever said that entrepreneurship was easy. No one promised success. It can be like a roller coaster. You will go through the ups and downs, unstable financial, and many more. It feels uncomfortable. It stretches your mental, your emotional, and also your physic. Have you ever felt this way? 

If you’re experiencing the same of a tough time now, it's helpful to hear the tips to provide hope for you that you can get through tough which uncertain times. Inspired from many books i have read & podcast i have listened.

1. Train your mind

Train your mind that you want to be successful and you will definitely succeed. Think positively and all about possibility. Reduce complain, multiply grateful. 

2. Keep your eyes on goals

Write down your goal. Look at it every day. Read it out loud. Pray for it. This is what will keep you going.

3. Believe in what you're doing

If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, you’re going to quit. It needs a commitment. It likes believe in something with a faith. If you know it’s the right thing to do, then you’re going to do it.

4. Never give up

Before you decide to give up, think how far you have gone and why you held on so long. You had invested so much in this dream and don't want to be in vain.

5. Dare to make a breakthrough and take the risk 

If you feel stuck in old pattern or way of thinking, you need make a breakthrough and innovation. The risk is always come in every decision you take. Dare to take the risk for your dreams, the chances, and starting something new. It is risky if you play with millions of dollars from investors or face legal and financial implications.

6. Make other people's success to trigger you to succeed

Do not envy other people's efforts & succeed. Look the problems, storms, and challenges as a "stepping stone" to become bigger and stronger. Learn from their success stories.

7. Just be yourself

Do not continually compare yourself or your business with others. You are unique. Everyone has their own character and success. Everyone has their own special blessing from God; what's for you, is for you not for others, so do not be inferior and intimidated by others.

8. Pray and be patient

God knows the best for you and when the best timing. Be patient. Prepare it and be ready. Don't rush and don't force. Keep in prayer and do the best.

9. Never forget about your difficult times

If you have succeeded, remember the process of your success so you will not be arrogant; Always remember your God who gives you blessings and life; And lastly do not forget to help and bless others.

10. Be grateful and enjoy the process

The key of happiness when you are down is stay to be thankful for everything  and enjoy every moment. Good things take time. The process will not betray the results.

Do you find the enlightenment? Success is attainable. Ready for the adventure and prepare for survival. You've got this.

Hopefully, this tips can be an inspiration for everyone who read, especially for you who want to be an entrepreneur or start your own business or for you who think you're stuck or want to give up. Hopefully, this post can be a blessing; you all can reach your own dreams.


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