Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

Mother's Day is a day to celebrate in honor of a woman called a mother. Mother's Day is a day to show your appreciation and love for your mother, grandmother, motherly bond, or other woman who you think is worthy of being called a mother. 

You have the opportunity to tell your mother how special she is on this Mother's Day. Here are 11 Gift Ideas for your Mom from several handmade shops from several countries as we support #SmallBusiness and these shops are available to ship worldwide.


1. Luxeova Atelier

Help the woman who loves jewelry and accessories to organize their stuff. Store and display your jewelry on these geometric glass storage boxes and your stuff will safe and still visible. These glass boxes can be customized and personalized. Need more type of glass boxes? Go here.


2. Naturalesya

Made in Russia, this macrame earrings will attract attention to many people where she uses it on special occasion. Available in several colors. Need other colors? Go here.


3. FerrariSoniArt

Customized hand-painted glass ball, made in Italy. It can be personalized. Need more ideas? Go here.


4. Yukhla

Banner wall, made in UK, is a nice idea for decoration on the kitchen, bedroom, or living room. Need more ideas about wall banner? Go here.


5. Tiny Mimi

Crafted from 100-percent cotton, this hat is made in Israel. Great for everyday wear. Go here to look their collection.


6. From Vienna with Love

Give the gift of a good apron with plush terry for a super soft feel. Made in USA, this apron is perfect for mothers who have babies. Go here to look  their collection.


7. Mquotejewelry

Add a personalized text to this necklace. She'll wear every day. Made in Slovenia with wood burning technique. Go here to look their collection.


8. TanaDellaTarma

Capture photos of your mother with your family in this digital illustration. Designed from Italy. It can be print on the paper, mug, card, etc. Go here to create yours.


9. Box Frames by Amy

Made in UK, This personalized ornament is available in all letters and lots of colors, so it will match with your mother's name. Need more ideas? Go here.


10. LittleUlla Handicraft

Put your coffee cup here. No more burnt fingers from drinks too hot, or freezing fingers from drinks too cold! Made in Latvia with Cotton Chenille and Polyester. Go here to look their collection.


11. SKWallArt

Every mother needs to be supported. Give her a gift that can support her. This printable digital wall art from USA is a perfect choice. Look here to see their collection.



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