Valentine's Gift for Her 2019

Valentine's Day is a festival of romantic love. Valentine's Day is an awaited lovely event each year worldwide especially for the couple. It is a time to show feelings of love and spread the love. Many people give special gifts to their spouse or partner and they also enjoy romantic candle-lit dinner. Valentine's Day is celebrated worldwide on February 14 each year.

The traditional gifts for Valentine's Day are bouquet of roses and box of heart shaped chocolate. But today, i will show you modern flower box and other gorgeous and unique gifts for her. Here are 5 Editor's Pick gifts for treats your Valentine's. Choose your favorite!




1. Initial Alphabet Capital Letter Glass Box

Bored with the ordinary box for flower? Try our Alphabet glass flower box. 

2. Quartilla Glass Box

Classic Quartilla glass box for flower box, handmade soap-shampoo packaging, box of chocolate and also jewel storage. Looks so elegant. It would be a wonderful and memorable gift.

3. Letitia Glass Box

Letitia glass box for display your jewel or can be used as a chocolate jar or handmade soap-shampoo-balm packaging. So lovely.

4. Chloe Glass Box

Looking for chocolate box? This Chloe glass box is the perfect choice. It can be used for jewel storage also handmade soap-shampoo-balm packaging.

5. Avery Glass Box

Our Avery glass box is perfect for jewel storage, flower box, and also bath-body tray or placed your handmade soap-shampoo-balm.


Need more some glass box ideas for gift? Click here.


Confused to fill the glass box? Here are some reference shops to fill the glass box, as we support #SmallBusiness.

1.  Flower

Beautiful flower from Forever Beautiful Blooms by Amy (Ireland)

2. Jewelry

Beautiful jewelry from SlivkAtelier (Slovakia)

Pretty jewelry from Adida Handmade (Israel)

3. Handmade Soap

Lovely handmade soap from Nature Kiss Soap Co (United States)

Personalized handmade soap from Atelier A.B. Carving (Bulgaria)

4. Handmade Shampoo

Amazing handmade shampoo bar from Bamboo (United Kingdom)

5. Handmade Balm

Lovely balm from Shop Green Joy (Ukraine)



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