Workshop: Story about Learn How to Create Your Own Aesthetic Terrarium Arrangement in a Geometric Container

Do you want learn to create your own aesthetic terrarium arrangement in a geometric container? Are you looking for natural or something green in your bedroom or library or your living space or working space or your café or hotel or another public space? Terrarium is your perfect choice. Let's learn, join the fun, and find it together with Luxeova Atelier. We will give you the basic knowledge about terrarium. Then, you will get chance to arrange the material (media) and choice your favorite cactus, succulent & decoration from we provide to explore your taste of art. And yeay, your own aesthetic terrarium already done. You will bring it home.

This is our first workshop in partnership with Mau Belajar Apa and here is our story about yesterday, 2017, September 30th at Co & Co Space (Bandung, Indonesia). Three participants attended the workshop. 

1. Our preparation before the workshop started

We use Brielle Glass Box for Terrarium Container. Here are the tools for each participants, fresh cacti & succulents, and materials.


2. Workshop ongoing: when the participants created their own terrarium and decorate it with their own taste.

3. Looked their masterpieces here :)


And here is their testimonials about our workshop :)



All documentations by Luxeova Atelier, credit by Karsten


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