Workshop: Story about Learn to Create Basic DIY Terrarium Collaborate with Wewo Craft

Our first Terrarium Workshop this year on last Sunday, March, 4th, 2018 at Nimna Book Cafe (Bandung,Indonesia) collaborate with Wewo Craft. Suddenly, we visited & interviewed by Pikiran Rakyat Newspaper journalists. Read about our press here.



Participants who attended are 3 persons. This the little story about our workshop.

Our preparation before the workshop started. We use Brielle Glass Box (one of our favorite terrarium glass box) type. There are the tools, fresh cacti & succulents, and materials for each participants. We provide the packaging box, terrarium guide book (tools. materials, and steps), and care instructions for each participants. This time, we have not separated the plants from the previous media and the pots. So they can see and learn difference media and how to replant with the good media within terrarium glass box.


The educator started explain about the basic DIY terrarium, then participants started create their own terrarium step by step. Very fun! Each participants learn the art of terrarium, patience, and love their masterpieces.



Here are their terrarium masterpiece with their own creation. So unique :)


After workshop end, before we back to our home, we took a photo together. And they can bring their terrarium.





And here is their testimonials about our workshop :)


All documentations by Luxeova Atelier, credit by Karsten & Emanuella


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