Workshop Story: Basic Terrarium Workshop with Chubb General Insurance

Today, December 12, 2019, we have an opportunity to lead a company group workshop from Chubb General about DIY Basic Terrarium. Insurance at The Parlor. Participants who attended are almost 50 persons and every person create their own terrarium.

1. Let's see our preparation:

Display the succulents. Our succulents include Sedum, Sedeveria, Echeveria, Euphorbia, and Howarthia.


Every participant will get our Brielle glass box, materials, placemat, and tools are provided to arrange their terrarium.

2. Workshop situation:


Every participant will get 5 fresh succulents, 1 type each. 





Every participants enjoy to create their own terrarium. 

3. The masterpieces:




What's your favorite color? Every participants arrange the decoration with their own taste. And these are some of their masterpieces. They can bring their own terrarium.


All documentations by Luxeova Atelier, credit by Karsten & Emanuella


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