Luxeova Atelier x Fierce Jewellery

Glad to share with you about our amazing collaboration, Luxeova Atelier together with Fierce Jewellery (United Kingdom).


Gold Bee Earrings made from environmental zinc alloy, epoxy resin, crystal are perfect to display on our gold glass cases and mirror tray. It will more add stunning looks.


Keep these Gold Bee Earrings inside our glass cases jewelry are ideal as a unique gift for her or mother's day. Personalized in our glass cases are available. Put on your wardrobe's island or dressing table.


Gold Bee Earrings £19.99 // Glass Mirror Tray (set of two) $70 ~ Glass Case $40 ~ Hexagonal Glass Case $42


Gold Bee Earrings by @fiercejewellery19 | Glass jewelry cases & tray by @luxeova | Photos owned by @luxeova & @fiercejewellery19