How to Create Geometric Glass Terrarium Making

Luxeova is one of online handmade business specialties in glass box (include mirror and stained glass) and wire stuff and all creative products from this material. Since May 2019, Luxeova Atelier creates all handmade items by theirself. Her shop members help her for wholesale order.

How Luxeova create their products and how about the tools materials?

Here is Luxeova's tools and materials.

Luxeova use Brass Came Technique to create their products.

1. Owner as a designer create the pattern use the 3D modelling like Sketch up or 3Dmax to get the proportional size, then create the drawing pattern on the AutoCad and print out the pattern or save the files and print it on the paper.


2. Arrange the pattern perfectly on the glass to consider cost efficiency. Trace the pattern use the permanent marker.

3. Cut the patterns use ruler and glass cutter.

4. Here is a cut glass and rub it with a sandpaper. Do it for all cut glasses.

5. Use the brass plate or copper plate to create the brass came use a mold.


PS: the mold is not mine, it is belongs to Luxeova's partner production also her shop member.

Now, we sell the brass came U-shape to supply your need. Easy to use. Shop here.

6. Adjust the brass came like a frame. Apply it to all the cut glasses. And here is the look of the glass piece with brass came.


7. Let's arrange the glass pieces and make sure that all sides are precision.

8. Put the flux use a brush on every side of frame.

9. Assembly it use the tin solder and soldering iron to unify every piece into a glass box.

10. Voila! Now the glass box is finished!

11. Use metal polish for wipe the frame to make it look more shiny.


1. For gold finishing, we use a brass plate and gold marker to coloring the tin (only if needed).

2. For black finishing, we use a brass plate and add black patina (Since May 2019, we don't accept in black finishing, except our ready stock items.)

3. For rose gold finishing, we use a copper plate and copper paint for coloring the tin (only if needed)

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