Melville Geometric Wooden Glass Table Lamp

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Meet our stunning table lamp. Glass combined with wood come together to create this wooden glass lamp. Inspired by the geometry of Elbaite Tourmaline Crystal which has a hexagonal crystal system. We apply the geometry form of Elbaite Tourmaline Crystal in our glass lamp shade with the open facet on the top and we apply the hexagonal form in our wooden base. Wooden base made by a member of my shop. Use a knock-down system make it easily assembled and released the glass lamp shade, wooden base, and lamp socket. This handcrafted geometric lamp looks innovative, unique and extraordinary. Brighten your room with our geometric wooden glass table lamp. Perfect for displaying on your bedroom on the bedside or living room on the credenza and coffee table. Also, perfect to be displayed on hotel rooms bedside, lounge, and café. It would add an aesthetic in your room.



-Handmade item

-Made to order. For ready stock item, please contact us.

-The amount of stock listed on the website is only for quantities of your orders, not the amount of stock available

-Ship worldwide. Shipping cost will be calculated at checkout. More info for order & delivery click here

-Production periods for wooden glass lamp: 7-14 business days

-Need Custom or Wholesale or need more length of cable? Please click here.



-Listing for the wooden glass lamp only (decoration and bulb not included, it is for display purpose only)

-This glass lamp shade displays gold finishing.

-One side open on the top

-On the bottom and back of the wooden base, there is a space hole for electric cable.

*Glass lamp shade: 3-4mm cleared/ untextured glass, brass plate, flux, tin solder, metal polish, gold marker for coloring the tin (only if needed)
*Wooden base: pine wood waste, eco-friendly glue for wood (only if needed), eco-friendly wood coating
*Lamp Socket: E27 type
*Plug: EU plug type, black color
*Bulb, lamp socket, & electric cable are not included due to every country has their own type.

-Finishing Color for Glass Lamp Shade: gold only

-Unplug lamp and let light bulb cool before changing the bulb.





-wooden glass lamp:

Metric: 15cm long by 13.3cm wide by 22.8cm tall (back) and 16.8cm tall (front)

Inches (approx): 6" long by 5 1/4" wide by 9" tall (back) and 6.7" tall (front)

-glass lamp shade:

Metric: 15cm long by 13.3cm wide by 17.3cm tall (back) and 11.3cm tall (front)

Inches (approx): 6" long by 5 1/4" wide by 6.8" tall (back) and 4 1/2" tall (front)

Metric Base Form: 15cm long by 13.3cm wide

Inches Base Form (approx.): 6" long by 5 1/4" wide

Metric side ~ Inches side (approx.): 7.5 cm ~ 3"

-wooden base:

Metric: 15cm long by 13.3 cm wide by 5.5cm tall

Inches (approx): 6" long by 5 1/4" wide by 2.2" tall

Metric side ~ Inches side (approx.): 7.5 cm ~ 3"

Metric base: 10cm long by 8.6cm wide

Inches (approx): 4" long by 3.4" wide

Metric base side ~ Inches base side (approx.): 5 cm ~ 2"

Diameter for lamp socket E27: 3.5cm ~ 1.4"

-packaging box:

Metric: 26cm long by 16cm wide by 16cm tall

Inches (approx): 10 1/4" long by 6 1/2" wide by 6 1/2" tall

-wooden crate:

Metric: 28cm long by 18cm wide by 18cm tall

Inches (approx.): 11" long by 7" wide by 7" tall

-weight: 2000 gr ~ 2 kg (include glass box, packaging box, bubblewrap & a lot of paper, wooden crate)


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