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Are you interested in customizing stuffs from our products?


How to order customization?

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Then you will receive an email including your invoice within 24 hours. Please click "complete your purchase" to checkout. Please double-check your information and order before you pay. Any changes will have to be made BEFORE payment.

Here are our custom criteria, payment, and production period terms:

  • No minimum order
  • Full payment is required
  • Purchasers need to pay off the payment after place order
  •  The price of a custom order (without VAT/GST/Sales tax/duty/customs) depends on your design, size, and quantity and will be confirmed to you via email including the invoice before you click "complete your purchase" to checkout
  • We are not responsible for additional fees imposed by international customs after the product has shipped
  • Production period: depending on your quantity, size, and how complicated the design (estimation: 7-14 business day). Wooden glass lamp customization production period: 7-20 business days.


Available for:

  • Product sizes (but we still review about the size, it is possible or no)
  • Geometric shape only for glass box or ornaments (can't accept contain curves line)
  • Gold finishing only
  • Adding the chain inside/outside the glass box
  • Adding or eliminating a hinge like a door or lid
  • Painting design on glass frame or lid (botanical art only) but we still review it, possible or no.
  • Pressed flower art or preserved flowers as long as the flowers available here and  we still review it, possible or no.
  • We don't accept cancellation


Not available for:

  • DIY workshop kits
  • Brass Came
  • Change the wooden based material for wooden glass lamp
If you have any questions about this, please email us at: or chat on live chat. Thank you.