Question: Do you have an offline store? 

Answer: We currently do not have an offline store, just an online store.

Question: Is your company registered in your city and country?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can I call you for free if I live in a different country? Should I book an appointment?

Answer: Sure thing! We only accept call from International only. And yes, you should book an appointment minimum 24 hours before a meeting. Please click here.



Question: Do I need an account to order?

Answer: Yes. You should to register an account to purchase our collections.

Question: Should i create an account if i want to  purchase a custom or personalize or wholesale order?

Answer: Yes. You should to register an account to purchase a custom or personalize or wholesale order after we send you link invitation by email.

Question: Can i edit my info after i've registered ?

Answer: Yes, you can. 

Question: Is my personal information kept private? What we collect? Why you collect our phone number?

Answer: We will guarantee to keep all information you given to us private. Please read our Privacy Policy. For phone number, it is necessary for shipping, it is required from our courier.



Question: Are all products made to order, is there ready stock?

Answer: All products currently made to order. There are some ready stock items. Please contact us for ready stock items.

Question: How long it will take for made to order?

Answer: Production period within 3-10 business days. If you purchase custom or personalize or wholesale may take more longer time. Custom order within 7-14 business days. Personalized order within 7-20 business days. If you purchase our personalized sample, it takes 3-5 business days. Wooden Glass Lamp within 7-14 business days. Due to public holiday or high request orders, it might take longer. More about this, click here. 

Question: Where are the origins of your items?

Answer: All items proudly made in Indonesia. Totally handmade items.

Question: Do you accept purchase for international customers & international shipping?

Answer: Yes, of course. Here we only purchase for international customers & accept international shipping. Shipping from Indonesia. We  don't accept shipping to China, India, and countries in Africa.

Question: Can you accept domestic (Indonesia) purchase?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. As our company profile, history, and target market, we only sell our products for international buyers only.

Question: How long the shipping estimation will take?

Answer: Estimation within 2-10 business days depending on your location by EMS (express mail). Especially if you purchase the personalized order, it run by regular airmail, the estimation within 6-14 business days depending on your location. More about this, click here.

Question: Can i rush my order? Is it possible to speed up the shipping?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. It would be nice, before place your order, please make sure your due date event consider the estimated of production and delivery duration & you agree with this time period. We will strive for faster than estimated time. 

Please keep in mind that we are a small business with a partner production. We will do our best to make your orders out as soon as possible; but we are not a factory and a handmade items take time. We may not able to ship your order next day after purchase – unless the item is ready stock.

We only use EMS for shipping. EMS is the fastest express shipping that connect with us.

Question: Is delivery time guaranteed?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. Once your order is shipped, we have no control over postal delays such as customs, Holiday Season, or Force Majeure. However, we will gladly help you to contact our courier about your shipment and also need your willingness to check to your local post office too. Please read here.

Question: Is signature required?

Answer: Signature from recipient is required for every shipment from our store.

Question: Can i order through social media?

Answer: You should check out order via our website or check out via our social media if available.

Question: If I have already checkout, can I change or edit my order?

Answer: Unfortunately. you can't. So before you place order you should make sure about your info and order.

Question: Are you accept reseller and dropshipping? and can i send to different address and multiple address?

Answer: We don't accept reseller and dropshipping other similar selling practices. But, you can send your purchase to different & multiple address. Multiple purchases may ship separately depending on the size & form of the items. Ship multiple address should order separately for each address. 

Want to buy something to send directly to a friend or special one in another city? No worries! Just make sure to put your friend address info as shipping to a new address at checkout page.

Question:  If the shipping cost to my location not available, what should i do?

Answer:  If the shipping cost not available, ex: United Arab Emirate, Puerto Rico, etc please contact us to set your country available. We do not accept shipping to Indonesia, China, India, and countries in Africa.



Question: What is the exchange rate applied on this website? What kind of payment methods do you accept?

Answer: Price shown in USD (U.S Dollar). You can choose your country currency in the left top of our website. If you don't find it, you also can convert to your country currency via google or your bank exchange rate or paypal balance currency. Currently we only accept payment through PayPal with paypal account or without paypal account through Bank Transfer and  Credit Card. Price for all transaction payment will be automatically converted in USD. 

Question: Can i pay down payment first? Or should I have to pay full payment?

Answer: All the products we offer in our store are made to order just for you and production starts once the complete payment & paid off; so you should have to full payment first. 

Question: Does the price on product include shipping cost and VAT/sales tax?

Answer: The price on products shown on the product page exclude shipping cost and VAT/Sales tax. Shipping cost will be calculated at checkout. International orders may be subject to sales tax/VAT, import duties, taxes, and customs fees, which are levied once your package reaches the country of destination, and are the responsibility of the recipient. It caused every customer have difference address and country.

Question: Can i request to give a greeting card and gift wrapping? 

Answer: The gift wrap + gift message  automatically appear on your cart if it is available, you can select it and write the personal message. As for your information, the picture of gift wrap only sample from our gift wrap. The gift wrap you will accept may difference from the picture, in accordance with the Seasonal or use the brown paper and some decoration.



Question: Can i get any discount?

Answer: YesMinimum order $250 will get shipping discount 30%. When we have a special promo event (occasionally), you also can get the discount without minimum order.

Question: Can the coupon be combined with other promos?

Answer: Generally, no. But depends on the terms & policies of the promo.

Question: Do you do wholesale? Is the wholesale pay down payment first or full payment?

Answer: Yes. For wholesale information click here. Full payment is required.

Question: How long production time for wholesale?

Answer: Depending on the number of products ordered and we will inform you the estimated time if you are certain to buy.

Question: If wholesale or become your partner, can i get extra discount and can i use the coupon also?

Answer: Yes, you can get a special extra discount depending on the number of products you ordered. But unfortunately, you can't use the coupon and or another promo because you already get a special price.



Question: How about the sizing details and photos product? Is it accurate?

Answer: As shown on product description, we have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors of our products that appear on the website. However, as the actual colors you see will depend on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display of any color will accurately reflect the color of the product on delivery. All photos credit by Luxeova Atelier. All sizes and measurements are approximate, but please bear in mind that all items are handmade products, it might have a slight difference in size between one another, however we do make every effort to ensure they are as accurate as possible. All materials, descriptions, details, & prices of products appearing on the website are as correct as possible. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Question: What are you suggested for care instruction? Are your products waterproof?

Answer: Our products are waterproof. Please read "Product Care" in "Return and Exchange"

Question: Can i request a custom order? Is there any additional cost? How much?

Answer: Yes, you can. The custom price is depending on your design. Please click here.

Question: How long it will take if i request a custom order?

Answer: Depending on your design, size, quantity, etc. Approx estimation: 7-14 business days.

Question: How about the custom order criteria?

Answer: Please click here.

Question: Can i request a personalize order? Is there any additional cost? How much?

Answer: Yes, you can. Yes there is an additional cost for personalize. The personalize price is depending on your design. Please click here.

Question: How long it will take if i request a personalize order?

Answer: Depending on your design and the size of glass box you choose. Approx estimation: 7-20 business days (production for create the glass box and personalize).

Question: Can i purchase a sample first for personalizing? How long about the process? How much?

Answer: Yes. It takes 3-5 business days for purchasing a personalized sample. The price depending on the size and design. 

Question: Can i see the preview before you engrave it?

Answer: Yes. We always send the preview before we engrave it. If you need a preview on the glass, you should purchase the sample.

Question: How about the personalize order criteria?

Answer: Please click here.

Question: Can I order with the real plants or real flowers or another decorations?

Answer: Unfortunately we can not complete our terrariums with plants or flowers, sanitary control at the customs do not allow to send plant or animal. Please buy the plants or flowers or decorations on another store.  Glass vase only can be used with using dried/preserved/artificial flowers only.

Question: Can I order with preserved flower arrangement?

Answer: Yes, but it looks like kits.

Question: What happens if my order arrives in damaged condition? Can i do return or refund or exchange an item?

Answer: Yes, you can with terms and conditions apply. Please read "Return and Exchange"



Question: I love your products. Can i collaborate with you? 

Answer: Yes, with pleasure. Please click here.

Question: Can i become your retailer or stockist or your partner?

Answer: Yes, with pleasure. Please click here.

Question: Is the collaboration free? Can i collect your items freely?

Answer: Free for collaboration fee and the item. You only need pay your shipping cost. 

Question: Can i choose what kind of products that i love or need?

Answer: Yes, but we still review the products you choose to consider the best audience satisfaction.

Question: Can i feature your photos or your products or use our products for styled shoot?

Answer: Sure thing! Please click here.

Question: Is the deposit required for collaboration?

Answer: Yes, of course. We require a deposit to send items for collaboration. Deposit amount is based on your order quantity. Once your review or feature is posted, your deposit will be refunded.

Question: Should i do a register account for collaboration or partnership?

Answer: Yes, of course. We will create like manual order, then send you an invitation by email.

Question: What countries do you accept for collaboration or partnership?

Answer: Many countries around the world. Currently, we do not accept for Indonesia, India, China, and countries in Africa.

Question: Can i  as a new small business join your partnership or collaboration? 

Answer: Yes, with pleasure.

Question: Can i  interview your company, product, maker, owner, etc and featuring in the news company?

Answer: Yes, with pleasure, please click here.

Question: How about the terms and conditions about collaboration and partnership?

Answer: Please click here for collaboration. Please click here for partnership. Please click here for press featured.



Question: What kind of courses do you have?

Answer: We provides some courses where you'll discover various applications of creative products from our glass boxes, e.g: terrarium. We offering online workshop and offline workshop.

Question: When do you open the offline class? Is your offline workshop available for international?

Answer: We will inform you when the class open by email or stay update on our website. Please subscribe our mailing list. Please click here to see upcoming class. Our offline workshop also available for international.

Question: How to know the nearest upcoming event?

Answer: We will inform you when the upcoming event by email or stay update on our website. Please subscribe our mailing list. Click here to see the upcoming event.

Question: Do you have free online course(s)

Answer: Unfortunately, no.

Question: How to enroll your online course(s)?


1. Choose your course(s) below then click add to cart (if you want to enroll more than 1 course) or directly click pay/buy. 

2. You will be directed to the checkout page, please fill the form with accurate information, then you directed to payment.

3. We will send you an email after you paid. You will be given 2 links: link to create password to enroll and link to join the course(s) you have chosen.

4. Enjoy our online course!

Question: Is your online course(s) available for international students? 

Answer: Yes, open for international students from all countries but  NOT AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS FROM INDONESIA, CHINA, INDIA, AND SEVERAL COUNTRIES IN AFRICA. Hope one day can available for all countries. 

Question: Is your course(s) available for multiple languages? 

Answer: Our online course currently equipped by English & Japanese subtitles. Hope one day we have other subtitle languages. If you interested to join our online course and need an urgent subtitles in your language, please email us to: and we will try our best to assist you. We create the subtitles so everyone include the disabilities can join.

Question:  Is there any limit time to finish my course? Can i reply the course (s)?

Answer:  There is no time limit. You can reply the course(s).

Question:  How long your online course(s)? Are your online courses have quizzes and discussion forums?

Answer:  We offer several modules depending on your choice. Each module has a video or videos with approx. 1 minute to 3 minutes for each video. Our online courses have quizzes and discussion forums.

Question: Will I get online certificate after join?

AnswerYes, but currently not automatically. We will send you a certificate by email at approx. 1 week after you finish the course and give us a feedback. If you not received the certificate after 1 week you finish course and give us feedback, please email us:

Question: How to pay and what kind of payment?

Answer: Currently, we only accept payment via PayPal with Paypal account or without Paypal account through Bank Transfer and  Credit Card. 

Question: Is there any money back guarantee?

Answer: Unfortunately, no money-back guarantee.

Question: Can I ask cancellation and refund the class after enroll?

AnswerUnfortunately, no. We don't accept cancel or refund, except we cancel it or we remove the course.

(Also, if you are students from Indonesia, China,  India, and several countries in Africa, and you still force to try to join our online course and can't open the online course, unfortunately  we can't give you a refund because the refund fee more expensive than the online course price and we don't accept any complain due to this. Please notice that)

Question: Are your courses kids friendly?

Answer: Kids can join with their parents.

Question: Are you open offline workshop for preserved flower arrangement?

Answer: Yes, check our schedule here or you can request private classes and private classes available for overseas/international. Please email us to: with subject "Private Class". 

Question: Can I get discount for buy your glass boxes and workshop kits after join your online course(s)?

Answer: Sure. You will get the coupon code at the end of the course.

Question: Can I buy the preserved flowers and flower materials with glass box(es) but not the workshop kits from you and deliver it to overseas?

Answer: Yes, please email us to:

Question: Can I buy the preserved flowers without buy your glass box(es)?

Answer: Unfortunately, currently no.

Question: Can I buy another course after I choose one course first and pay it?

Answer: Yes, you can add another course and pay it after you buy at least 1 course and after get the link to create an account in our workshop platform. Then, you can add another course and pay directly from our workshop platform.



Question: Where i can see the feedback or review from customer?

Answer: Please check here.



Question: Is there same price, terms of use, privacy policy, terms and conditions, etc in this website and our other platforms?

Answer: Please bear in mind that our content in this website may be slight difference with our marketplace and other platforms. Please read carefully the prices, our terms of use, privacy policy, order & delivery, return& exchange, etc in every platform. Every platform has their own rules.