Luxeova Atelier is a handmade brand originating from Indonesia. Established in October 2016, by Jobelia Josephine. Re-concept and relaunch in August 2017. Rebranding in April 2021.


“LUXEOVA” stands for luxury, elegant, and valuable. "LUXEOVA" represents luxury and elegance. Inspired by the diamond, Luxeova products are truly beautiful, modern, and portray following the trend. Although influenced by luxury, our brand appreciates the ability to be attainable. The pricing has been considered deeply so that every home and society can afford to share the special moment of opening a Luxeova product.


Luxeova Atelier uses stained glass and wireframing to create a one-of-a-kind piece, perfect for unique decoration or given as a special memorable gift or as a valuable keepsake and brought elegantly to yours. Our stained glass and wireframing products include glass box, glass frame, wedding collection, flower box, home decor, tray, display, lighting, terrarium, Christmas ornaments/ himmeli, Christian Art, etc which relate to glass box or glass frame or wire stuff or brass stuff and can be developed and mixed with other materials into other creative products according to the trend. We handcraft each product with patience and love. Every piece is unique to the touch and created with the intention for their lovely customers. In 2019, we are in partnership with a travel insurance company to supply our glass boxes, workshop kits, and hold a workshop as a leisure activity. We are very welcome partnering with companies or boutiques etc around the world to provide your needs with luxury yet affordable prices.


Unique Piece
Unique, creative, and trendy products. Customization & Personalization are available.
100% Handmade
We handcraft each product with patience and love.
One-stop Shopping
Purchase all-in-one here for your wedding, home decor, party, workshop, and material supply need.
Best Quality
Best-quality for each handmade product. High-quality materials for creating each unique piece.
Best Price
Best price, affordable price, and reasonable price for each piece and wholesale order.
Fast Shipping Worldwide
Express Shipping worldwide between 2-12 business days depending on your country with a tracking number.
Secure Payment
Your safety is our priority. No time to worry about secure payment. We guarantee all transactions are secure and encrypted.
Perfect Packaging
Perfect and careful packaging for each product. Worry less and buy more.
100% Satisfied
Your satisfaction is our priority. We guarantee a refund or return. Read our Return Policy.


Jobelia  (a  founder, photographer, designer, maker, and customer service) fell in love with glass material since she worked as a part-timer at a material library in her college and she gained more knowledge about glass material and she has a passion for stained glass. Graduated from Interior Design, then worked in an interior design company, made her gain knowledge about how to design a product too. She works from her home studio in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. She is personally inspired by this slogan by Artur Ashe: “Start where I am, use what I have, do what I can do, and the time is now.” to reach her dreams. “Start where I am” means wherever she was, just start. “Use what I have” means use her passion in stained glass. “Do what I can do” means research and try to create the products. “The time is now” means if not now, then when? Don’t procrastinate. Still in her mind, when she looked for a luxury, elegant, valuable, memorable, and unique gift with an affordable price. First crossed in her mind was a diamond. She searched for the idea and viola... she found the gift idea! It was a stained glass box with a diamond shape that brought elegance and luxury yet an affordable price. She started to try creating it and looked for the local craftsmen to become her partner to help her create her product. So, she is proud to say ”LUXEOVA”(stands for luxury, elegant, valuable)! She loved the stained glass gift she created and she decided to sell her unique pieces to you and to the world.


Victor Ko



A maker and local craftsman especially in glass and stained glass, who helps Jobelia to create her products and has experience in this field for more than 10 years.
K.a Joben



A local craftsman especially in wood, who helps Jobelia to create wooden bases for table lamps and has experience in this field for more than 5 years.
Richard Bauer



An assistant and a packager who helps Jobelia to package your item, especially for wholesale order.
Marin Julia



Our partner for glass laser engraving and has experience in this field for more than 3 years.

And this how Luxeova Atelier started…..

Having experienced harassment, abuse, violence, and bullying, founder Jobelia Josephine channeled her energy into something powerful. She was determined to be successful; and to do something meaningful. She knew what God puts on her heart, she wanted to make a new future for herself. She was determined to be an entrepreneur and reached her dreams by starting Luxeova Atelier. Luxeova Atelier started from nothing. Jobelia started introducing her products online, and offered her products to potential customers here and a lot of companies here and were rejected by all companies here to collaborate and partnership. She tried holding terrarium making workshops in her city with a few attendees and sometimes no one attended. One day, something amazing happened. She started being noticed by the press! Both domestic and international media featured her products and workshops in their publications and it helped her shop more credibility. It takes time. It needs consistency. It takes a long process and time after experiencing a lot of storms, problems, challenges, trials, and errors. She had invested so much in this dream and didn't want to be in vain. All closed doors, redirected with something better. She decided to try to sell her products to the international market. And after 1.5 years, she eventually got her first (international) order. She is very grateful that she didn’t give up reaching her dreams making it come true. Nothing is impossible. She is proud to become a female entrepreneur. As time continues, she strives to expand. She actively joined a few events to introduce her business as a credible business. She’s been continuously working to improve her service, quality, and craft. Jobelia has even opened up to the international market and now decided to sell her products to the international market only. She hopes that eventually, she can tailor her designs for shoppers.


Luxeova Atelier uses Brass Came technique stained glass for all their glass products.


Interested in reading about the production at our blog?



Luxeova Atelier received an international award from Wedding Academy Live and Carousel Event for the winner of Pantone Terrarium Moss Color Board in 2018.


Jobelia loves being involved as a volunteer in several charity works and sponsors children. By collecting Luxeova Atelier products, you participate in our mission towards charitable work. A partial donation will be given back to our local community in Indonesia and several countries to help elevate the outlook of life, particularly for children.

"When God blesses you financially, don't raise your standard of living. Raise your standard of giving." -Mark Batterson-

Today, with proud we share our handmade craft with you. We hope you find something you love and come back again soon!