Meet the Founder and Maker


Jobelia: Owner & Founder



People behind Luxeova Atelier, Jobelia Christy Josephine with background in Interior Design. She loves art, design, and craft especially in glass, wood and brass materials. She is a maker. She work from her home studio in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.




And these are our team:


Meet other the maker, E.S, who helps Jobelia to create her wholesale products. He is a local hand-craftsman especially in glass and stained glass. He has experienced in this field for more than 10 years.


A.F., is a maker who helps Jobelia to create wooden base for table lamp. He is a local hand-craftsman, especially in wood. He has experienced in this field  for more than 5 years.


M.L., is a packager who helps Jobelia to package your item, especially for wholesale order.