Online Workshop

Here are our lists of online workshop:

1. Basic Preserved Flower Arrangement in 2 Terrarium Glass Box (0104) : $15


2. Basic Preserved Flower Arrangement in 2 Terrarium Glass Box (0203) : $15


3. Basic Preserved Flower Arrangement in 4 Terrarium Glass Box (0203) : $25 



 If you are interested, please email us to: workshop@luxeova.com and we will send you a private link to join our online course.


Email us with subject: Join Online Workshop

Please include (mandatory):



-Phone Number:




Interested in purchasing the workshop kits? Click here.



Question: How to join and how to enroll? Is it available for international students?

Answer: You can join by clicking on each course you interested in then check out to pay.  We will send you an email to create password and link of your chosen online courses. Yes, open for international students from all countries but  NOT AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS FROM INDONESIA, CHINA, INDIA, AND SEVERAL COUNTRIES IN AFRICA. Hope one day can available for all countries. 

Question: Are you open offline workshop for preserved flower arrangement?

Answer: Yes, check our schedule here or you can request private classes and private classes available for overseas/international. Please email us to: workshop@luxeova.com with subject Private Class

Question: Is there any limit time to finish my course?

Answer: There is no time limit.

Question: Will I get online certificate after join?

AnswerYes, but currently not automatically. We will send you a certificate by email at approx. 1 week after you finish the course and give us a feedback.  If you not received the certificate after 1 week you finish course and give us feedback, please email us: workshop@luxeova.com

Question: Can I ask cancellation and refund the class after enroll?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. We don't accept cancel or refund, except we cancel it or we remove the course.

(Also, if you are students from Indonesia, China,  India, and several countries in Africa, and you still force to try to join our online course and can't open the online course, unfortunately  we can't give you a refund because the refund fee more expensive than the online course price and we don't accept any complain due to this. Please notice that)

Question: How to pay and what kind of payment?

Answer: After we will give you a private link and you decide to enroll, you will directly go to payment section to pay. We only accept payment via Paypal.

Question: Is it available for multiple languages? 

Answer: Our online course currently equipped by English & Japanese subtitles. Hope one day we have other subtitle languages. If you interested to join our online course and need an urgent subtitles in your language, please email us to: workshop@luxeova.com and we will try our best to assist you. We create the subtitles so everyone include the disabilities can join.

Question: Can I replay the course(s) after finished?

Answer: Sure thing!

Question: Is there any money back guarantee?

Answer: Unfortunately, no.

Question: How long your online course(s)?

Answer:  We offer 9 lesson modules and 13 lesson modules depending on your choice. Each modules have a video or videos with approx. 1 minute till 3 minutes for each videos.

Question: Are your courses have quizzes and discussions forum?

Answer:  Yes.

Question: Are your courses kids friendly?

Answer:  Kids can join with parents.

Question: Can I get discount for buy your glass boxes and workshop kits after join your online course(s)?

Answer: Sure. You will get the coupon code at the end of the course.

Question: Can I buy the preserved flowers and flower materials with glass box(es) but not the workshop kits from you and deliver it to overseas?

Answer: Yes, please email us to: workshop@luxeova.com