Our Story

Jobelia (Founder) with her products



"Success for me, Jobelia, as a founder of Luxeova Atelier, performs and realize my dreams as God's put on my heart according to His will and His command, finish strong the destiny. Success is not determined by the amount of money earned or happiness or popularity but the process to get the results. It doesn't always have to be the best but do and give the best; work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord. Success is about comfort with ourselves and survives within a hard situation. Someone can be said to be successful, if they have a good character, good personality, able to inspire others, and certainly have a generous heart to give something back to the community."

Everyone wants to succeed. No one wants to fail. Success begins with a dream that will bring up other dreams. Everyone has their own desires, dreams, and visions that they want to be achieved as a goal. But not everyone has the intention, perseverance, and strong determination to achieve it. No one can not do and nothing is impossible, it's just a matter of volition and involving God of course.

Luxeova Atelier story started from a life changed when I decided to stop working in an office & became an entrepreneur to start my own business. Having experienced violence, harassment, & bullying, encourages me and motivates me to become an empowered woman & female entrepreneur to give back to the community and inspire others from my own small business. I’m personally inspired from this slogan by Artur Ashe “Start where I am ( I live in West Java, Indonesia), use what I have (here in West Java, glass box is one of their handcrafted, and glass is the material I love), do what I can do (reach qualified local material; try to create products, and prepare everything I can do before launched the products), and the time is now (otherwise someone else will steal my dreams & build on their own).” With little money, simple equipment, yet big dreams as God puts on my heart, I stepped out in faith & hope to realize my dream. Certainly with the effort, hard work, process, & prayer as well.

This is how I started. I graduated from Interior Design Major, and then I worked in an interior design company, so gained knowledge about how to design a product. Well, on the other hand, I fell in love with glass material since I worked as a part-timer at a material library in my college and I gain more knowledge about this material. I remembered when I looked for something luxury, elegant, valuable, memorable, unique, but not as an expensive gift. First crossed in my mind is a diamond but it is too expensive. And then I thought, searched, & found the gift idea which matches my criteria above with a reasonable price. The gift idea is a glass box with a diamond shape. Then I started to try creating it based on my knowledge when I was in college and looked for the local handcrafted to become my partner to help me create my product. So, I proud to say ”LUXEOVA”(stands for luxury, elegant, valuable)! As time goes by, I strive to expand & offer our products to the international market by preserving & increasing my local handicraft quality & service. Hopefully, I can achieve my dreams as God puts on my heart & you all will be satisfied, proud to use my products, & motivated to reach all your dreams too.

Luxeova started from zero. It takes time. It needs consistency. It takes a long process and time after experiencing a lot of storms, problems, challenges, trials, and errors. I had invested so much in this dream and don't want to be in vain. I introduced and offered my products on social media, website, and marketplace. I held some terrarium workshops in the city where I live, and I feel very blessed, when press media look at me and my products then some press medias featured me and my products. From this, Luxeova started to get more sales internationally and decided to sell only for international. I also actively join a few events to introduce my business as a credible business. As the founder of Luxeova Atelier, I believe that everything is in God's control and all is well in God's timing.

Words of the day: "Keep your eyes on your own definition of success. Don't let other people lifestyle and their words blur your definition of success." -Amy Morin-